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Empowerment through Reiki Energy Classes   Transformational healing energy can become permanently sealed within you. Through a series of Attunements as given by Donna-Marie, Reiki Master. Experience complete balancing of Mind, Body, Spirit.  The techniques taught have been practiced in Tibet thousands of years ago. Please contact Donna-Marie by phone (920-433-0756) or E-Mail if you are interested in Reiki Classes. 

Reiki CertificationDonna Marie Levy, has been a Reiki Master for 25+ years and is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor. As a Teacher, Clairvoyant and Medium to Spirit, Donna-Marie channels messages from Spirit and the Akashic Records.

She teaches Developing Intuition, Psychic Awareness, Accredited Dr. Usui Reiki Classes (Reiki I, II and introductory to Master and Master Classes), Chakra and Energy Balancing, Reincarnation, Past Lives and discovering Inner Guidance. Upon request, she also helps people one-on-one to access their own Inner Guidance.

As a teacher, counselor and facilitator for others' self-realized God-consciousness and oneness with God, Donna teaches Self-Awareness, Self-Empowerment, Surrendering ego to the Holy Spirit, Self-Realization Meditation, the power of positive thinking and the messages of the Christ teachings.

Please know,  I have a dog (Sophie) and a kitty (Meko).
If you have any allergies to animals, please let me know before you arrive.


Contact info:
Donna-Marie Levy, 2352 S. Webster, Green Bay WI 54301, USA 

Business Hours:
 Closed Sunday. Open by Appointment at Your Request.

Phone:  +1-920-433-0756

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